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The Pharaoh's Cartouche

  • AP1863
  • Author/Editor: Alan Warner
  • Date: c. 1994
  • Size: cover 2.25" x 4" x 0.75"
  • Condition: Very Good

The performer displays a wooden cover with a slot on either side of it, running through which is a lengthy of ribbon. The Pharaoh's Cartouche - a tablet with gold hieroglyphs - is inside the cover and also has a slot in it through which the ribbon likewise passes. The open end of the cover is tilted downwards, allowing a portion of the cartouche to slide out. This small portion of the cartouche is grasped by the performer and the cartouche is then removed from the cover, drawing with it the ribbon which remains threaded through its slot. The performer removes the ribbon from the cartouche, rethreads it through the slots in the cover and then drops the cartouche back inside the cover on top of the ribbon. The performer pulls downwards on both ends of the ribbon, thereby causing the cartouche to rise up out of the top of the cover, and thus proving that the cartouche is resting on the ribbon, and that the ribbon does not pass through the slot. The cartouche is now allowed to drop back inside the cover again. The performer snaps his fingers, tilts the cover and withdraws the cartouche. The cartouche is now, magically, threaded back onto the ribbon. Includes instructions. Sticker residue to the cover, else in very good condition.


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