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Ionia: Magician Princess, Secrets Unlocked

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In 1910, a female magician named Ionia debuted a large illusion show in France and then toured around the European continent.  She was the daughter of two magicians, Charles de Vere and Julia Ferrett, known as Okita.  Ionia's real name was Clementine de Vere.  Her first husband was a world famous lion tamer.  Her second husband was an Old World Prince.  Just before WWI, Clementine went to Russia.  She spent four years there, leaving just after the Russian Revolution.  Her sister was one of the most photographed women in Paris.  Her brother in law was an American millionaire.  After returning to Paris, Princess Clementine operated a mysterious tea salon which became a famous way station for Russian emigres.  Along her unusual life journey, she had encounters with Houdini, Paul and Julia Child, Rasputin assassin Prince Felix Yusupov, and George Melies.  When the time was right, she retired to a villa on one of the most famous estates on the French Riviera. Discover the complete story of Ionia, Charles de Vere, Julia Ferrett, and the family de Vere. See rare programs, touring schedules, unique photos, archived Russian, Belgian, and American government documents, and all of Ionia's known posters.

330 Hardbound pages with more than 180 full color images. Limited availability, order today!

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